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2019 Honda Civic Specs price and changes from New Honda Civic 2019 Price and Review ,

Awesome New Honda Civic 2019 Price and Review

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The Honda Civic 2019 hatchback does not have the same exterior styling as the coupe and sedan, but accepts a new infotainment layout with a standard Honda Sensing volume knob and active safety equipment. Prices start at $ 22.345 for the LX base model with CVT and $ 23.145 for our favorite version, the Civic Sport with a six-speed manual transmission.

Honda is bringing some welcome updates to the Civic sedan and the 2019 coupe. Along with the necessary styling changes that give the front a slightly cleaner appearance, these Civics with the trunks will also receive a new level of sporting equipment, active safety features recently standard and a volume knob for the infotainment system.

The new sedan and Civic Sport coupe differ from the Sport sedan as they have the 2.0-liter naturally aspirated base in line four instead of the more powerful 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo. Like the Sport hatch, though, the Civic Sport sedan and coupe have the most rigid suspension tuning, though they do without the different exhaust system of the hatchback, meaning they make the same 158 horsepower of the LX. with the 2.0-liter engine. But the sedan and Sport coupe at least look the part, with the same obscured front end, body kit, 18-inch wheels, rear spoiler and central exhaust.

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New Honda Civic 2019 Price


With three body configurations and incredible differences between trim levels, it’s difficult to evaluate the style of the 2019 Honda Civic with just one number. We landed at 7 out of 10, which gives points above average for its bold exterior and one for its classy interior. (Get more information about how we evaluate cars).

The sedan is the 2019 most popular civil body style, although at first it’s easy to change like a hatchback. The silhouette channeled the Audi A7, the child of the poster because of its slim style. But where the ends of the Audi end up with a hatchback utility, the Civic presents conventional luggage. This year’s style update replaces chrome with glossy black details on the front for a cleaner look.

The Civic CoupĂ© is a line fashion model with dramatic lines that stretches along your body. Looks good in this year’s new sporty configuration with 18-inch alloy wheels and additional black details.

It’s a pity that the busy style of the Civic’s rear end has become our least favorite, because it has the biggest alignment utility. The tailgate moves in the same wheelbase 106.3 inches like the rest of the range, but its tail is cut down 4.4 inches from the rear of the rear wheel.

The Coupe and Civic sedan are only suitable for different exterior coatings and sporty wheels. The Civic Type R with rear body takes a few steps too far away from its youthful appearance. We support Civic Type R clothing for adults, but the good news is you don’t need to see a body kit from the driver’s seat.

On the inside, the Civic adopted a relatively conservative approach with a large center console, lots of pockets and compartments for small and clean items, delicious pieces. The 5.0-inch standard screen seems too small, but only for the Civic LX model. Other Civics use 7.0 inch touch screens which are more suitable for boards.


Unless you need a van or two-wheeled vehicle, there is a 2019 Honda Civic that is right for you. For our evaluation, we see the Civic most commonly found in many dealers. They met the above average conditions for their trip and for their management, which gave them 7 out of 10 in our performance scale. (Read more about how we classify cars.)

The Civic Type R is another point for underage muscles, but we realize that the Honda Civic rocket’s appeal is limited.

The Civic LX, Sport and EX models have a capacity of 158 liters in line with a 2.0-liter paired with a variable 6 speed or automatic (CVT) manual transmission. The Civic base engine is quite quiet and provides decent power for transportation tasks. The Honda CVT does not work like conventional automatic, but works well. The gear and pulley system simulates gears that are continuously adjusted to maximize power or efficiency. If all CVTs like Honda, they will lose their fragile reputation. This transmission works perfectly for commuter tasks.

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